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SyVox Client

The SyVox Client is a user interface tool for delivering speech recognition-based applications in industrial environments. Key benefits include:

  • Industrial Performance - The Client is designed to work in noisy industrial environments,
  • No Terminal Manager - The Client does not require a server-side terminal manager to maintain or configure the devices.
  • Speaker Independence - There is no user training required to get end-users using the system,
  • Standards-Based - The Client is based on Voice XML 2.0, including scripting support provided by the Lua language.
  • Off The Shelf Compatible - The Client has been optimized for Windows Mobile. SyVox Client 2.4 is certified to comply with Microsoft's stringent “Designed For Microsoft Mobile 6.0” standards and was build to run on several industrial quality 3rd party mobile computers.

SyVox Emulator

SyVox Emulator allows customers to quickly, easily, and inexpensively extend and transform their current Terminal Emulation (TE) applications to speech applications using the SyVox client without requiring any modifications to their existing TE application. Deployed at multiple sites and customers, SyVox Emulator allows customers to reliably add speech recognition one terminal at a time to their existing TE RF Picking and warehousing environment. If you or your customers have a TE application you want to enable with speech, contact Genesta at +1 866-GENESTA for more information.

SyVox Interface Development Kit (IDK)

Genesta offers a SyVox Interface Development Kit (IDK) for developers who want to develop their own voice directed / speech recognition applications. The full SyVox IDK includes:

  • One SyVox Client License
  • A Host simulator application and source code
  • Sample source code / coding examples
  • Access to the SyVox IDK SyWiki with tips on hardware selection and related speech best practices
  • 5 case support package (email and phone access to our designers and developers)
  • Solution developer discounts for reselling the SyVox Client to your customers

The SyVox IDK makes it easy for your company to get a fully operational Speech application up and running in days!

Getting Started

The SyVox Client is sold/licensed on a per terminal basis. Contact Genesta +1 866-GENESTA / +1 (972) 771-1653 for pricing.

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