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Choose from the list of hardware below to learn how SyVox Client runs on various hardware including troubleshooting, configuring, and operating tips. A complete listing of supported hardware by SyVox version number is shown on the IDK Hardware Requirements page.

The current SyVox client can be downloaded from here. http://www.genesta.com/resources/syvoxdownloads.html

Zebra (formerly Motorola)



Intermec CK3 - works with the CK3 audio adapter (IN Part Number #850-823-001).


Occasionally ActiveSync will freeze up and the terminal will no longer connect to the desktop when it's docked in the cradle.

  1. Remove the device from the cradle
  1. Open the process manager on the PC
  1. Go to the Processes tab and kill these processes: wcescomm, rapimgr, and wcesmgr
  1. Unplug the USB cable going to the cradle
  1. Dock the device in the cradle
  1. Reconnect the USB cable
  1. It may be necessary to undock and re-dock the device one more time
  1. If the device still does not connect, reboot the device and if that does not work, reboot the device and the PC

NOTE: The ActiveSync Manager display does not always show whether the device is connected or not. The device and the PC normally make a sound when an ActiveSync connection is made, if you hear the sound but the manager does not show they are connected, open Windows Explorer and see if you see the mobile device listed under My Computer or try to start the Active Sync Remote Display (asrdisp).

Headset Compatibility and Recommendations

Having a wide variety of reliable headsets available for each mobile computing device is important to our customers. In an effort to verify new headsets being released for speech applications, we test them with the most popular computing devices. First, reliable headsets and computing devices that operate in warehouses, manufacturing, or other industrial environments require robust connectors. We are only testing equipment that uses the popular four pin Quick Disconnect (QD) connector types. This four pin QD connector is far superior to the older Tip Ring Sleeve (TRS) 2.5 mm mini-jack connector style, enabling better input signal to noise ratios (SNR) and superior output for hearing instructions. Deployments and testing have proven that the TRS mini-jack style connectors are prone to damage and introduce random noise through worker motion and therefore are not recommended for reliable, industrial environment speech applications. Because SyVox users hear work instructions via text to speech (TTS), we also conduct output sound pressure level (SPL) testing to ensure headsets when paired with specific mobile devices, provide sufficient sound levels for our customer's environments. Warehousing, manufacturing, and other industrial environments typically require higher sound levels using audio circuitry and headset designed for noisy environments so workers can clearly hear TTS work instructions.

The results of our recent tests using the most popular headsets and computing devices are shown in the table below:

Zebra HS3100 VXi VR11/VR10 Eartec G41 Moto RCH50
WT6000 Yes No No No
WT4090 * Yes Yes Yes
MC9590 * No No Yes
HX2 * Yes Yes Yes
MX7 * Yes Yes Yes


Yes - This headset has passed testing for industrial speech applications with the corresponding computing device and is recommended.

No - This headset has failed testing for industrial speech applications with the corresponding computing device and their pairing is not recommended at this time.

* - Not tested.

There are other specialty headsets we have qualified for noisy environments that require hearing protection (ambient noise levels in excess of 90 dB SPL), high humidity, wet, and, extremely cold environments. Consult with Genesta to discuss your needs and the appropriate cables, holsters, and latest vendor offerings.

VXi has discontinued the VR10 and that headset has been replaced by the VR11 which is a very similar unit.

Something Missing?

SyVox Client is certifed for Windows Mobile 6. Depending on the device's audio circuitry, barcode scanning drivers, display screen capabilities, and other characteristics important to robust and reliable industrial speech solutions, we can likely support other WM6 products. Ask about your device and the process of getting it certified.

Remote Display Setup

Most of the devices include CerDisp.exe in the Windows folder of the device. On Motorola devices this can be setup to autostart when the device does by creating a file called CERDISP.RUN and placing it in \Application\Startup.

The contents of the file are

\Windows\CerDisp.exe -c


The current SyVox client can be downloaded from here. http://www.genesta.com/resources/syvoxdownloads.html

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