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SyVox is the only solution designed to run real time in the cloud

  • Centralized, not servers on site.
  • Run across WAN or Internet

Excellent recognition

  • Move seamlessly between quiet to noisy areas
  • Handles most accents

DIY/Roll Your Own

  • Integrate directly into current system using industry standard interfaces
    • VXML
    • HTTP
  • Use existing emulation screens without changes

Leverage your current business logic and processes

  • Increased productivity with speech without changing the way you do business
  • Create your own rules, not those of the voice vendor
  • Move users seamlessly between tasks

Low cost of implementation for faster ROI

  • Quicker design and development
    • Implement without changes or code on host system
    • No drain on internal IT staff
  • Own your host code
    • No ongoing maintenance costs
  • Faster training
    • Screen based instruction
    • Speaker independent
    • Temp labor
    • Multiple input options
      • Speech, scanning, keyboard
  • Choice of off the shelf hardware from major manufacturers

Advantages of SyVox
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