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SyVox Logistics works with SyVox Picking to track fresh products throughout receiving, fulfillment, and shipping, allowing for better control of inventory and constant visibility and documentation. SyVox logistics provides lightweight WMS functioinality for operations without existing inventory management systems to automate tasks and track product from manufacturing through distribution. Features include Speech Enabled Distribution Functions Speech enabled distribution SyVox Logistics is an application framework for speech enabling typical distribution tasks including: receiving, selection, inventory control, loading and delivery verification. Scalable Architecture SyVox Logistics is a web-based application developed on top of Microsofts Internet and Information Server (IIS) and SQL Server products. SyVox Logistics is both vertically and horizontally scalable, leveraging the clustering capabilities inherent in the underlying Microsoft platforms.  Multiple locations may utilized a centralized server over their corporate WAN connection. Easily Customizable SyVox Logistics is a modular application that can be easily customized and extended to meet the specific needs of a given customer. Based on the Model, View, Controller (MVC) software pattern, GUI and data elements can be customized without recompilation allowing for user driven custom configurations. Developed with job roles in mind, the core of the application can be extended as needed by simply customizing existing or adding new job roles. Reporting Out of the Box Reporting out of the box The application ships with a series of predefined web-based reports. Additional reporting can be developed against the SyVox Logistics Database using 3rd party Business Intelligence applications and/or integrated into existing packages. However, the package provides a set of generic performance and operations reports that allow the system to be deployed as a stand-alone solution for speech enabling a business process and measuring the improvements that the technology provides.competitive offerings including virtual memory limitations and storage requirements are not a problem for SyVox.
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