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The SyVox Emulator speech enables operations with existing applications.

Adding SyVox to your existing WMS or ERP is now easier to implement than ever. It is a PC based middleware that traps existing TE or browser screens and converts them to a speech based data collection process. SyVox Emulator translates these TE screens to single or multiple speech prompts. The SyVox Client provides the user interface and validates data as needed. Data is then returned to the application through the original TE screen prompt.

Features include:

Process Visibility
The SyVox Emulator is a web-based middleware that provides supervisors an opportunity to manage users and see the conversation going on in the client. This visibility is not only a great tool for managers, but it creates an easy training environment.

Runs Concurrently With Existing Systems
Business operations are not affected by implementation of the SyVox Emulator because it runs concurrently with existing portable TE devices. This feature provides failover and allows for an incremental rollout and a smooth transition to speech.

No Changes To The Host
Since the SyVox Emulator is simply an add-on, changes to the existing host are not necessary. Without host changes, SyVox Emulator is implemented as a quick, affordable, and non-intrusive speech deployment.

Maintains TE Session Persistense
TE sessions are not designed to recover well over wireless networks. The SyVox Emulator maintains this crucial TE session persistence through a hard wire connection avoiding any downtime for recovery.

SyVox Emulator
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