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The SyVox Client, a user interface tool, delivers speech recognition based applications in industrial environments.

Based on industry leading speech recognition technology, recognition is comparable to or exceeds the performance of any competitive solution on the market.

Features include:

Multi-modal interface

Sophisticated gain control and noise filtering software
SyVox’s speech recognition software is specially optimized for use in industrial environments. Over 20 years of engineering has gone into the development of our audio processing software. All to ensure that the SyVox solution will reliably understands people speaking in noisy environments. That includes the use of SyVox near conveyors, around material handling equipment, and next to machinery.

Multiple Integration options (http, https, sockets, file)

Speaker independence
The client is speaker independent, meaning there is no user training required to get end-users onto and using the system 

Standards based technology

The Client is Voice XML 2.0 compliant including scripting support. Scripting support allows for complex speech transactions to be encapsulated in an individual XML transaction, minimizing over the air interactions, enabling responsive client side performance. 

Runs on off-the -shelf mobile computers
The Client has been optimized for Windows Mobile. Issues affecting competitive offerings including virtual memory limitations and storage requirements are not a problem for SyVox. The Client was built to be run on 3rd party mobile computers.

SyVox Client
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